System of warning and response to natural hazards and emergency situations

Предупреждение и ликвидация стихийных бедствий и чрезвычайных ситуаций

2.3.1. Readiness of the hydraulic structures to disasters and emergency situations

RusHydro Group is responsible for reliability and an uninterrupted operation of its facilities; therefore, a system of prevention and liquidation of natural disasters and emergency situations (ES) has been introduced at the enterprises of the Group. In particular, preventive measures are taken to avoid technological violations and accidents, and in the event of interruptions, the Company seeks to normalize the facility operation as soon as possible. In addition, the RusHydro’s employees receive regular training in the field of civil defence and protection against emergencies.

The main potential sources of man-made emergencies at the RusHydro’s production facilities are:

  • abnormal floods, which can lead to forcing of the headrace level, overflow through the hydraulic structures, destruction of the pressure front in the areas of interfaces, hydrodynamic failure with subsequent flooding of the territories adjacent to the rivers coastal zones;
  • technological accidents on the equipment that may result in a suspension of electricity supply to consumers, an emergency spill of oil products into the lower tail of the hydroelectric power plant with subsequent disruption of the vital activity of the population and production activity of economic objects.

The bodies responsible for the tasks in the field of population and territories protection from the ES in RusHydro Group are:

  • in the Company’s Executive Office – Centre for Monitoring the Facilities’ Security and Operation Condition and Department of Industrial Safety and Labor Protection (on fire safety). They are subordinated to the Management Board member, First Deputy General Director – Chief Engineer of the Company;
  • in the branches – first deputy directors – chief engineers, with the direct participation of civil defence and emergency protection engineers subordinated to them.

The works are performed in full accordance with regulatory requirements of the Russian legislation for hydraulic structures. A backup set of documentation for the RusHydro Group hazardous facilities is established; it is stored at national archives and intended to be used during accident rescue and recovery work.

At all RusHydro Group facilities operating the hydraulic structures, there are:

  • action plans for prevention and elimination of natural and man-made emergencies, as well as action plans for prevention and liquidation of oil and oil products spills, agreed with the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia;
  • hydraulic structures security declarations, renewal (processing) of which is carried out at least every five years with mandatory examination of the hydraulic structures by specially created commissions involving engineering and research organizations;
    safety data sheets of facilities;
  • special equipment for a quick elimination of possible damage and emergency situations (at the sites equipped with own (contractual) fire units);
    emergency equipment and tools.

In all the Company’s branches operating the hydraulic structures with an extremely high and high-level danger risk, the emergency rescue units have been created and maintained in the ready mode, and agreements have been concluded with professional rescue teams.


In accordance with the Order No. 222 of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation of June 09, 2011, RusHydro Group has created a functional subsystem of the Unified State System for Preventing and Eliminating Emergency Situations integrated with the national state system.

The coordinating body of the subsystem – Commission for Prevention and Elimination of Emergencies and Fire Safety of the Company, responsible for timely assessment of the situation and decision-making on implementation of measures aimed at preventing emergencies. The annual work plans of the Commission include measures for a safe passage of flood waters in the spring and summer, preparation for the autumn-winter peak of maximum loads, as well as for ensuring sustainable operation in the fire and thunderstorm periods.

Round-the-clock monitoring of the situation at the facilities, notification of detected violations in the equipment operation and conduction of priority measures to prevent the emergencies are provided by the day-to-day management of the functional subsystem of the Company: the operational duty shift of the Centre for Monitoring the Facilities’ Security and Operation Condition, as well as on-duty shifts of the operating staff of generating branches.

There are local information systems operating on 23 sites of the Group.

To prevent and eliminate emergencies, RusHydro has created reserves of material resources in the branches operating the hydraulic structures and the target reserve of financial resources in the Company. The target reserve of funds for the emergencies liquidation was established centrally in the interests of all objects of RusHydro in the amount of 1% of the average monthly revenue from the sale of electricity and capacity.

In 2016, 16 injuries were recorded in RusHydro Group. including one in PJSC RusHydro branch Saratovskaya HPP and 14 – in RAO ES of the East (10 – in JSC FEDC, two – in PJSC Yakutskenergo, one – in PJSC Kamchatskenergo and one more – in PJSC Sakhalinenergo).

In addition, there were recorded seven fatalities among the contractors and the population (One in PJSC RusHydro branch Cheboksarskaya HPP, six – in RAO ES of the East: three – in PJSC Kamchatskenergo, two – in JSC FEDC, and one – in PJSC Sakhalinenergo).

A criminal case was initiated in PJSC Kamchatskenergo, five employees were convicted under part 3 of Article 216 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation «Violation of the safety rules for material works, which caused death of two or more persons through imprudence».

2.3.2. Emergency prevention and response activities

Measures for the prevention of man-caused emergencies were carried out in accordance with the Production Program for Technical Upgrade and Reconstruction for 2016-2021 and the Plans of Major Actions for Civil Defence and Emergency Prevention for 2016:

  1. At 18 sites, a preliminary investigation of the hydraulic structures was carried out, conclusions were received on the readiness for localization and liquidation of emergencies in the branches: Cascade of the Kuban HPPs, Nizhny Novgorod HPP, Saratovskaya HPP, North Ossetian Branch, Cheboksarskaya HPP.
  2. The bodies of state supervision of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia carried out inspections of the activities to ensure the with the requirements of the Russian legislation in the field of the population and territories protection from emergency situations of natural and man-made nature. The inspections were conducted in the RusHydro’s branches: Zhigulevskaya HPP, Zagorskaya PSPP, Zeyskaya HPP and Cascade of Kuban HPPs. The checks did not reveal any violations.
  3. The action plans for the emergencies prevention and liquidation in the RusHydro branches were amended, coordinated and approved at Bureyskaya HPP and Dagestan Branch. Plans for prevention and liquidation of oil spills were also amended, coordinated and approved at: Volzhskaya HPP, Zeyskaya HPP, Kabardino-Balkarian Branch, Nizhegorodskaya HPP, Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP named after P.S.Neporozhny and North Ossetian branch.
  4. 31 employees of the Company were selected, prepared and certified as rescuers, emergency rescue teams were recertified for the right to conduct search and rescue operations in the Dagestan branch and North Ossetian branch. The total number of rescuers in the 18 emergency rescue teams of the Company reached 166 people.
  5. The material and technical reserves for the needs of civil defence and protection against emergencies were filled.
  6. Annual maintenance of life support systems was carried out in 22 civil defence objects, large-scale works were carried out to restore protective properties of the shelter located on the territory of the Dagestan branch (Chirkeyskaya HPP).
  7. The LWS of the Volzhskaya HPP was modernized, a tender was carried out for the implementation of works on creation of LWS at the Gunibskaya HPP and the Chirkeiskaya HPP, as well as on modernization of LWS of the Chirurtskaya HPP (Dagestan branch).
  8. In the interest of creating LWS at the facilities of the branch of PJSC RusHydro – the Cascade of the Kuban HPPs, a preliminary survey of the hydraulic structures was carried out to determine the scope of the LWS establishment and its structure, with the development and approval of a relevant technical task in the territorial bodies of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.
  9. The nomenclature and content of material resources reserve for emergencies liquidation have been optimized, and settlement needs (except for rescue units) have been reduced by 60.7% without reducing the quality of the activities implementation defined by the plans. In addition to the created reserves, framework agreements have been concluded for the supply of material resources for emergency situations liquidation.


Учения по ликвидации ЧС

The employees training in the field of emergencies protection is conducted in accordance with the corporate training program for civil defence and protection against emergencies. The list of persons to be trained is determined in accordance with the normative legal acts of the Russian Federation.

2016 results:

  • 134 people have completed the training (advanced training) in educational and methodological centres and civil defence courses;
  • 9 complex exercises and object trainings were conducted;
  • 18 command post exercises;
  • 8 staff training sessions.

Key Learning Activities in 2016:

  • complex object training in the RusHydro Executive Office conducted under the supervision of the Deputy General Director for Antiterrorist, Economic and Information Security;
  • demonstration complex exercise «Ensuring stability of the branch facilities operation during civil defence activities implementation under the threat of emergency occurrence and in case of emergencies» in the PJSC RusHydro branch – Nizhny Novgorod HPP – under the supervision of the Head of the Monitoring Centre;
  • seminar on the basis of the PJSC RusHydro branch – Nizhegorodskaya HPP, where the issues of preparation methodology and exercises and trainings implementation were studied using the example of a comprehensive exercise to ensure sustainability of the branch operation while carrying out civil defence activities under the threat of emergency occurrence and in case of natural or anthropogenic emergencies.