Quality Control System during design and construction

Система контроля качества на этапе проектирования и строительства

Safety of the hydrolic structures and HPP’s equipment is set at the stages of project realization, including design and construction. It depends on a number of factors, such as results of design documentation, quality of constructions and materials, compliance with technologies of construction operation, qualification of engineers and workers.

2.5.1. Quality management during the design stage

The RusHydro Group facilities are designed by Scientific and Design Complex, which includes design institutes and scientific organisations, that are the Groups’ research and innovation centres. They conduct development in the field of technical challenges to improve the equipment operation, develop and implement design and construction schemes, repair and maintenance of HPPs, etc.

All design institutes of RusHydro Group apply quality standards and have introduced quality control system for the works being performed starting from hydro and power facilities design preparation and up to the facilities commissioning. Design workflow and outcome control system is regulated by local regulatory acts developed within the framework of RusHydro Technical Policy, industry and international technical standards.
Moreover, the project quality is assured by using advanced methods and technologies, most advanced materials and structures and by planning activities that help reducing adverse effects and compensatory measures during the construction stage.

The environmental impact assessment for capital construction facilities is the mandatory condition for projects to be approved at the initiation stage (see 4.1.2. Environmental Impact Management). Elaboration of environment protection activities during construction and operation stages is a constituent part of the design stage.

Scientific and Design Complex includes

Design institutes:

  • JSC Hydroproject Institute (Moscow)
  • JSC Lengidroproject (Saint-Petersburg)

Scientific organizations:

  • JSC Vedeneyev VNIIG (Saint-Petersburg)
  • JSC NIIES (Moscow).

Total workforce amounts to about 2,500 employees.


In accordance with the Regulations for management and control of investment project implementation, design documentation and reports on engineering survey are considered by consumers (PJSC RusHydro, JSC MC HydroMC, affiliates and branches of PJSC RusHydro) before being taken to the discussion with the PJSC RusHydro Scientific and Design Complex. Design documentation also undergoes a spot check in PJSC RusHydro and JSC MC HydroMC for compliance with design solutions and accuracy of information for construction and installation works.

Design documentation and engineering survey results undergo obligatory state expert examination for compliance with requirements of technical regulations (sanitary requirements of the state protection of objects of cultural heritage, requirements of fire, industrial, nuclear, radiation safety).

Budget documentation is fully reviewed by customers (PJSC RusHydro and JSC MC HydroMC) for correctness of the presented scope of work, prices and actual costs.



Since 2014, the Company conducts technological and price audit of the projects costing 1.5 billion roubles or more. The audit helps to choose best design, engineering and structural solutions, advanced construction materials and equipment.

Pursuant to the Executive Order of the Government of the Russian Federation No. 2988p-P13 of 30.05.2013, RusHydro Group is instructed to arrange public technological and pricing audit of at least three investment construction, renovation, technical rehabilitation projects, with budgeted value of at least 8 billion rubles each and with scheduled implementation start date in 2013-2014 (if necessary, to arrange this at its branches and affiliates).

In 2016, public process and pricing audit was arranged for the following RusHydro Group projects:

  1. Comprehensive renovation of transformers (Votkinskaya HPP);
  2. Renovation of hydropower units at Maynskaya HPP (Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP named after P.S.Neporozhniy);
  3. Construction of GTPP-CHPP in Vladivostok village Zmeinka (design documentation stage);
  4. Construction of GTPP-CHPP in Artyom village Sinyaya Sopka (feasibility study stage).

In accordance with the Standard, the PJSC RusHydro Board of Directors (Minutes of 07.04.2017) has approved the list of investment projects that are subject to the public process and pricing audit in 2017 and 2018, that provide for the start and the end of public process and pricing audit in 2017 in terms of the following RusHydro Group projects:

  1. Replacement of the power block transformers (Volzhskaya HPP);
  2. Replacement of autotransformer group and transformer group with reconstruction of oil receivers (Zhigulevskaya HPP);
  3. Construction of Yakutskaya TPP-2;
  4. Construction of two single-circuit overhead transmission lines of 110 kVin Pevek-Bilibino (project documentation stage).

In order to provide public access to materials related to process and pricing audit for PJSC RusHydro investment projects, they are published at PJSC RusHydro corporate web-site.

2.5.2. Quality management during construction

Управление качеством на этапе строительства

See information about quality management during construction in 2015 Corporate social responsibility and sustainability report of RusHydro Group.